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Mundo Mummy! The purpose of mummification, founded in genetic in resurrection?

 The following is a work in progress, but feel free to comment on where I am now...i go ahead and publish my rough drafts and come back and refine the ideas and research on them...this is a Rough Draft

Mummification has it's answers again! The genetic tissue of mummies that was once examined for personal genetic information and genealogical relationships, and even for cocaine use testing can now provide for complete genetic blue printing and soon possibly resurrection. Science can move as quickly as we move it. This science should have humanity behind it, as it also seems to be unlocking possibilities to live forever, cure human disease and sickness, amongst many other great possibilities!
This DNA science is the most important discovery to mankind, ever.

This is the 2012 Discovery!

Everyone wondered what would happen to change the world and life as we know it in 2012? Well it happened quietly and under the radar, in the genetic sciences community. We all know what happened to Sookie on the Jersey Shore this year, but I can't find anything life changing in the TV. Meanwhile next to no one is paying attention or grasping an understanding to the greatness in the 2012 DNA discoveries regarding the "Junk Matter."  

Incan Emporer Pachacutec with Flower Cup. 
For centuries humans have selfishly feared over population andcup loss of elitist controls. Corporations practice the muffling of new helpful sciences every day to retain their profits, the good ol' American way as we come to define it of late. China, Italy and other governments have famously done this same thing, trying to control pro-creative natures in their societies. They now reap the consequences with balance problems and in the Italians case, possibly extinction of the race as it exists today. "Wait what are you saying lady?" you may be asking yourself. These practices possibilities have been well described in social sciences texts all over the web, check into it.

We see the selfish card playing against us quite a bit these days. Serving the self is naturally robbing others, well at least in a Christian or spiritual perspective. We now see this price is at a cost to all of us also, and science has been slowed and disinformation and lying have become common place is world wide humanity.

THE LIE Why does there always have to be a damn lie!? In my small 32 years I have learned better than to do this!

The science behind population control is false. Eugenics and other supporting documentation is all control doctrine for groups who realize if a population is too large they will be too hard to control and that means possibly no more mansions for them. The other part of no more mansions is as we become more intelligent we become less focused on petty things such as material possession. Humans could clearly be on a different track. Solid science supports the idea that each family on the earth now could farm and facilitate a plot of land and be happy on an area half the size of Texas. If we did this on well an river water supply for all, no one would dump toxins into the earth the way they do now. Neighbors can produce products on small scale in an organize fashion and we can have all the we do today, in higher quality even. Between DNA and 3d printing technology we are the brink of a new existence. PUSH THIS THROUGH HUMANS!! I have been researching DNA for 6 months straight the amount of conflicting information I have found from already Identified Dis-Information News Media Sources is overwhelming, hence the title of this section.

Focus on the important dis-information lie here, "Junk DNA." This successful term has had science cutting out the most valuable part of DNA out of the petri dish for the last 50 years.

According to a recent interview Serve Light .org did with Dr. Jennifer Daniels, says our medical sciences and practices are so far from helping that mainstream health care is actually killing people.

Resurrection Science

As we learn how to formulate and compose DNA and now study DNA's most important controls and functions we are seeing a model for cancer and disease cures and precursors, genetic damage reparation. Your DNA is like a fingerprint, it is unique and it will not exist again in another. In it's living form DNA is active ingredient in your life, in your talents and short comings, in your appearance. New 2012 DNA Science is showing that DNA in it's living form is coding itself in a an extremely complex way based on the out put or chosen behaviors of your body, both physically, socially, and symptoms described today by Psychiatry. Scientists are seeing what they believe to be a complex recording process and also possibly an evolutionary track that DNA can grow and become receptive amongst other possible new abilities building potentials. DNA is certainly reacting to what people know and what people do in it's changes. This part of it, points to the idea most outlined in what we have called "spiritual philosophy," in that we will be products of our behavior, or somehow "judged" or  synced with the world, and with each other in honest living.

DNA in it's dead state is still a functional blueprint for resurrecting the life of the human, and restoring activity to the DNA.

Did the Pyramid builders know this? It is certainly part of much- of the prophecy involved with mummification. Will anyone resurrect the Pharaohs of old in this wildly creepy and decadent societal demon-dry we see all around us in 2012-213?

I swear its all biblical, just look at it. Both the current state in wordy affairs and this science. Resurrection is now a real scientific concept also. Our church has genealogy being done just one step ahead of this all, by family lineage research from paper and other records. This is interesting, because we didn't know why we were doing this, and now its coming out to be extremely relevant not only to us being connected but to us being individuals also. Whatever we found out in the coming years we know that genealogical lineage is very important, and connects we what we can call "human spiritual energy" for now. Whether its in Atomic, Nutrino or Quantum Particle Science, or DNA, we are finding connectivity with all things and great potential in embracing that connectivity. Supportingly we are finding great losses in Scientific and Human overall potentials in the disconnected manner in which we commonly operate as societies today. Ancient Incan Societies rose each morning in harmonious singing with the sun rise, they never developed advanced weaponry but did develop agricultural appreciation sites where irrigation water rushes made the sounds of jaguars roaring in chiseled rock feed rooms. They had a plethora of great humanistic and agricultural developments that were burned and held secret by the Catholic Vatican and the Spanish inquisition. They developed the calendar that we use, and are our connected ancestors that were silenced and slaughtered, and breaded out by selfish elitists.   - Serve Light .org



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